Selasa, 22 November 2011

The Challenges and Changes in The Media and Communication

"The stone age did not end because of lack of stones,it ended because there was new and better technology available, and today's new technologies has driven us into a new age dubbed the new wave".

Pentingnya komunikasi terlihat dari semakin inovatifnya perkembangan teknologi komunikasi itu sendiri. kalimat diatas mengambarkan bahwa perubahan tidak terjadi karena habisnya suatu masa, tetapi karena munculnya penemuan baru.

According to recent survey:
- Although crime,disaster,and sport is still " sells"
- But education,lifestyle and health in becoming "in"
- Politics and business is "losing"
- Media is starting to "look n listen" to the new age audience.

New way
-Participation age
-Media consumers in control
-Advertising to targeted audience
-Customizable products
-Publish once and distribute many ways
-Content is king
-Differentated content
-Marketing focus on preference,purchase and retention (cost per lead,cost per click)
-Convenience is essential.

Source: Bapak Widyatmoko Kukuh Santoyo,

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